Sam Dong manufactures and globally distributes a variety of high-quality magnetic wire products. We specialize in the production of Oxygen Free High Conductivity (OFHC) rods and  Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC), among other magnet wire products. Magnet wire must sometimes be specially insulated to provide ideal resistances or other properties for a given application. Our product line includes a variety of specialty insulated rectangular wires that can tolerate exposure to specific operating conditions.

Specialty Insulated Rectangular Wires

Insulation materials wrap around bare conductors, tubes, or enameled wire. Once fitted around rectangular and round wiring, they are coated with epoxy. The wires then go through a process in our baking oven, which hardens the material and provides a stern finished product.

We offer a variety of specialty insulation materials for use with our magnet wire products. Some of our most common specialty insulated rectangular wires include:

  1. Single or Double Glass Yarn Insulated Rectangular Wire. Non-alkaline glass yarn contains superior heat resistance and physical characteristics that make it suitable for use in challenging applications, such as nuclear power generators and traction motors.
  1. Polyester-Glass Yarn Insulated Rectangular Wire. Polyester-glass yarn possesses excellent physical characteristics, including superior heat resistance and flexibility. It is commonly used for stator coils in turbine generators.
  1. Mica Tape Insulated Rectangular Copper Wire. Mica features high dielectric strength, high resistivity, high tensile strength, high shear strength, and low electric loss, which makes it an excellent insulator for wiring. We offer a comprehensive range of mica covered rectangular copper wires for use in electrical and electronics applications. Common use cases for mica-covered rectangular conductors include generator windings, dry type transformers, and high and low voltage motors.
  1. Enamel-Glass Yarn Insulated Rectangular Wire. This wire is enameled, covered with glass yarn, then coated with epoxy to facilitate use in equipment with high-voltage applications with high thermal and mechanical loads. Enamel-glass yarn insulated rectangular wire is commonly used in generators and industrial motors.
  1. Kapton Insulated Rectangular Wire. Kapton is a polyimide film useful as wire insulation in applications with high temperatures and voltages. This insulated wire is frequently used in aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in relays and tractor motors.

Industries and Applications

Many industries rely on specialty insulation materials to provide superior resistances and other beneficial physical properties. At Sam Dong, we have experience supplying magnet wire solutions to a variety of industries, enabling us to guide our customers to the most appropriate solution for their needs. Some of the industries we have worked include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy and green energy
  • Medical
  • Military and defense
  • Telecommunications

Our specialty insulated rectangular wires are frequently used in products such as:

  • Engines
  • Turbines
  • Heat resistance
  • Nuclear power
  • Electric devices
  • Home appliances
  • Coils

Specialty Insulated Magnet Wire From Sam Dong

Specialty insulated rectangular magnetic wire offers a solution for challenging applications that need to address specific operational challenges. At Sam Dong, we provide the highest quality magnet wire products and services available to customers around the world. We supply to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. If you would like to learn more about Sam Dong and our capabilities, please contact us today.

Product Applications

Automobile IndustryAutomobile Industry
Heat ResistantHeat Resistant
Nuclear Power GeneratorsNuclear Power Generators
Railway VehiclesRailway Vehicles