Since Sam Dong was founded in 1977 and Sam Dong has supplied products with high quality and service from South Korea and USA. The Headquarters & production facility was moved to Eumseong (South Korea) to extend production capacity in 1992. After then, Sam Dong has being manufacturing high quality of magnet wire throughout developed CTC (Continuously Transposed Conductors) in 1993 and OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) Rod in 1994.

In order to meet customer’s request, Sam Dong also established entities in Mungyeong, South Korea (1999), Rogersville, TN, USA (2007), Delaware, OH, USA (2009), and Sam Dong Europe (2018). With endless endeavor, Sam Dong became one of leading wire manufacturers in the world, and nowadays, can supply high level of winding wire to various countries.