Since 1977, Sam Dong has been a leading producer of Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (O.F.H.C.), bare and insulated wires, and cables. Today, we produce magnet wire and high-performance wire components for industrial applications around the world. Below, learn more about our different copper, wire and cable, and conductor products.

Copper Products From Sam Dong

Copper is a metal element that is well known for its malleability, versatility, and electrical conductivity. It’s a popular choice for forming wiring and strips that are used in a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment.

O.F.H.C. (Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper)

Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper is a specialized form of LME Grade A copper that’s melted, cast, and refined in a nearly oxygen-free environment. By pairing the refining process with a CO gas deoxidization method, Sam Dong creates copper that meets ASTM’s standards of containing less than 10 ppm per unit. This material is more workable than standard copper and is more electrically and thermally conductive, making it ideal for high-performance electrical components.

Copper Strips

At Sam Dong, our metal fabrication specialists use O.F.H.C. to fabricate copper strips for use in applications ranging from automobile components to generators. Our copper strips are produced in our in-house integrated cast stations, drawing machines, and rolling mills. Not only does O.F.H.C. outperform Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper strips, but we also provide exceptional quality and delivery times.

Copper Shapes

We produce an extensive range of copper shapes with distinct cross-sectional profiles. Depending on the dimensions of the requested shape, our team can produce the final product from copper cast rods, copper metal products (CMP), copper narrow strips (CNS), or copper rod and wire (CRW).

Wires and Cable Products From Sam Dong

A wire is composed of a single strand (high gauge) or rod (low gauge) of conductive material that can hold and transfer electrical loads. Cable products are made from one or multiple wires that are usually coated or insulated. Power cables are more complex than wires, composed of different layers of insulation, enamel, or sheathing that protects the wire from interference and any handlers from the electrical charge. The wire and cable products available from Sam Dong include:

Paper Insulated Rectangular Wires

Rectangular wires are commonly used components for electrical equipment like transformers and welding tools. The high degree of electrical and thermal conductivity our copper wiring offers requires equally high-performance insulation to reduce the risk of electrical interference or thermal buildup in equipment. Our paper insulated rectangular wires are wrapped in papers that prevent the electrical wires from making contact with moisture, dust, other wire components, and more. The available paper insulation options include:

  • Crepe paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Nomex® paper
  • Thermally stabilized paper
  • And more

MgB2 Superconducting Wire

Magnesium diboride (MgB2) is a highly conductive superalloy made from fine magnesium and boron powders that melt and form the alloy at 600 °F. Our team manufactures MgB2 superconducting wire to meet ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and UL standards so our clients can rest assured that the wire can perform in extreme environments and use cases. This superconducting metal is magnetic, can perform at temperatures ranging between 15K and 30K, and is not cost-prohibitive.

Enameled Rectangular Wires

Enameled rectangular wires from Sam Dong are O.F.H.C wires coated in enamel. The enamel gives the wire high levels of mechanical strength, easy windability, good resistance to interruption from corona discharges, and strong bonding properties. Because enameled rectangular wires reduce energy waste and resist fire, manufacturers can use them in engines, generators, transformers, and other tools or components that have high-heat environments.

Enameled Round Wire

Similar to enameled rectangular wire, enameled round wire is coated in a thin layer of insulating enamel. The wire can be either copper or aluminum, and the enamel itself is a polymer film made from polyamide, polyester, or polyglass. The enamel forms a seamless protective coating that gives the wire high temperature and abrasion resistance, as well as self-bonding and self-lubricating properties. This wire can create coil windings without short-circuiting and has a 20,000-hour service life.

Special Insulated Rectangular Wires

While Oxygen Free High Conductivity wires, as well as our Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTCs), offer excellent performance, they need to be combined with specialty insulation for particularly sensitive applications or extreme environments. Our specialty insulation materials include:

  • A non-alkaline single or double glass yarn that provides exception heat resistance and performance in unique environments like nuclear generations.
  • Enamel-glass yarn, which involves enameling, winding, and epoxy coating wires for high-voltage equipment like generators.
  • Kapton insulation, which is a polyimide film that can handle the high-temperature and high-voltage demands of aerospace equipment.
  • Mica tape for additional strength and high resistivity.
  • Polyester-glass yarn for excellent flexibility and heat resistance in turbine generators.

Each wire is wound with specialty insulation and then coated in epoxy and baked to produce a hard finish.

Transformer Lead Cable

Lead cables are made from small gauge wires that are grouped together in either standard or flexible constructions of either bare or insulated wires. These lead cables are typically used as connections in transformers, especially oil-filled transmission and distribution transformers.

Conductor Products From Sam Dong

Conductors are any material that allows for the uninterrupted flow of electrons. Metals such as copper and aluminum are well known for the conductive properties that make them efficient choices for carrying electric currents. Conductors distribute charges across their entire length and pass the electrical charge onto other conductors making contact. At Sam Dong, our conductor products include:

Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTCs)

CTCs are transposed and enameled wire cables wrapped in insulation. CTCs offer a wide range of potential wire positions to end-users and come in many different configurations. At Sam Dong, our manufacturing team can create custom transformer winding diameters for virtually any application. Clients can specify between five and 73 wire strands per CTC and select standard O.F.H.C. wires, hardened-type CTCs, polyester-roped CTCs, or self-bonding CTCs.

Bare Conductors

The bare conductors from Sam Dong are round or rectangular bare copper wires that don’t have insulation. Every wire meets our strict quality assurance standards. It can be left bare for use in virtually any electrical or electronic equipment or can be insulated and grouped to produce more complex components.

Round Conductors

Our round conductors are bare round wire that can conduct electricity. Round conductors include single- and multi-strand configurations that have not yet been enameled or insulated.

High-Quality Electrical Components From Sam Dong

Finely manufactured and insulated copper wire products are essential for electrical and electronic equipment ranging from nuclear power generators to aerospace equipment. At Sam Dong, we have the expertise and in-house equipment to produce the copper wire and cable components for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our products and quality assurance standards, or request a quote to start your order.