Enameled Round Wire (Magnet Wire)

Magnet wire is wound in a form of coil at the core inside of electric-electronical appliances and has the function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is widly used in most of electrical appliances such as Heavy electric, Automobile & Home appliance industry etc.

Sam Dong has been supplying various type of magnet wire in the newest automatic facilities to meet every requirement of customers and also, supplies multiple coated wire which is made of several kinds of enamel varnish, providing high thermal index (AI over-coated), good abrasion characteristics (NY over-coated), self-bonding (SB over-coated) and self lubricated (SL over-coated).

In addition, Sam Dong has an “In-line tester” on the enamel coating plants to provide continuous and stable quality. The In-Line coating machine can do drawing and enamel coating at the same time so that enable to have a merit on the manufacturing process as well as satisfied quality level such as excellent electric resistance and stable wire tension.

Product Applications