Company Introduction

Sam Dong was founded at South Korea in 1977, and since succeed in domestically producing OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper) Rod, has applied it for CTC (Continuously Transposed Conductors), Paper insulated Rectangular wire,  Special insulated wire (Double Glass yarn, Polyester Glass yarn), Bare wire, Enameled Rectangular and Round Copper and Aluminum wire, Transformer Lead Cable, Solar Wire for solar generator, as well as Specialty copper alloys and shapes.

Sam Dong has developed many special processes, including the production and use of OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper) for critical magnet wire applications.

In order to meet customer's demand efficiently, Sam Dong Inc. (2007), Sam Dong Ohio, Inc. (2009) and Sam Dong Georgia Inc. (2012) were established in U.S.A and have manufactured OFHC rod and various winding wires as well.

Currently, Sam Dong is supplying products to North & South America, Europe, Asia (including Japan,Taiwan) and Oceania.

Sam Dong provides the highest quality magnet wire products and services. We manage all aspects of our business to build positive relationships, promote healthy work environments, and develop energy products that will benefit all of society as a whole.

Application scope

  • Stator Coil for Turbine Generators, which is the heart of Generating Plant.
  • Winding Coils of Power Transformers for Transmission Sites and Distributing Stations.
  • Winding Coils of Motors, Home Appliances,Cooling Appliances,TV Monitors, Microwave Ovens and Motors for Railway Vehicles.
  • In addition they are used in the automobile industry, (ex. Alternator,Stator, Hybrid traction motor,Electronics etc) medical equipment industry, aerospace indutstry and the national defense industry, etc.
  • Solar & wind-mill generator for Green Energy
  • Telecommunications & Coaxial, Weld Tips, Anodes for Electroplating, Submersible Pumps, Hand-tools Industry.