High Abrasion Resistance Magnet Wire

  • Alternator
  • Startor
  • High Abrasion Resistance Magnet Wire Applications

Through technological renewal, the motors are getting smaller, lightweight in size, and more efficient in property. In order to meet these trends Sam Dong has focused on the importance of increasing space factor by inserting more wire into existing slot in motors. Furthermore, these motors (which are improved with space factor) are designed to increase productivity through high speed-winding process as well as their properties. Sam Dong developed High Abrasion Resistance Magnet Wire (SDW-A) to reduce abrasion during winding process and keep insulated property.

Sam Dong's aim is to help our customers design compact motors with efficiency, and improve the various productions methods and properties of enamel wire during the last 3 years. Consequently, our product SDW-A has 45% of increase for abrasion resistance and it is used in alternator in automobile industry at the moment. Likewise, we are focused at all times on developing products consistent with market trend in order to meet our customers needs.