Case Studies


Through technological renewal, the motors are getting smaller, lightweight in size, and more efficient in property. In order to meet these trends Sam Dong has focused on the importance of increasing space factor by inserting more wire into existing slot in motors. Furthermore, these motors (which are improved with space factor) are designed to increase productivity through high speed-winding...

Sam Dong’s products are transporting and transforming
energy, and is related to the flow of the energy with their
wire and cable products. From stator coils used in turbine
generators for generating electricity to winding coils that
you can find in engines, in cars, railway vehicles, and even
many home appliances. The shared constituent is that all...

Copper was the first metal used by human beings.
The discovery of copper, and a flourishing culture where metals were used to make useful implements,led to remarkable developments in human civilization beyond the Stone Age.
Still today, the use of copper has great impact on our daily lives.
Copper is widely used in the electric energy industry due to its high conductivity...