[News] Visit to Sam Dong Georgia by Congressman John Barrow

Visit to Sam Dong Georgia by Congressman John Barrow

August 30, 2013


On August 30th, Sam Dong Georgia welcomed Congressman John Barrow to our facility for lunch and a tour of the plant.  Congressman Barrow represents the 12th district of Georgia in the United States Congress. The 12th district is comprised of nineteen counties, including Burke County and Waynesboro.  Mr. Ee Joo Lee, along with the entire management team, was on hand to express our appreciation to the Congressman for his visit.

Congressman Barrow serves on the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade as well as the Subcommittee on Energy and Power.  His visit was aimed at applauding Sam Dong Georgia’s establishment of a manufacturing plant in the state of Georgia and the resulting employment of Burke County workers.

Our General Manager, Karl Schramboeck, offered a presentation of the progress made in manufacturing CTC cable at the facility since Sam Dong Georgia’s establishment in May, 2012.  After lunch and a tour of the entire plant, Congressman Barrow expressed his gratitude for the hospitality shown during his visit and his optimism for the success of the efforts of the Sam Dong Georgia team.

Thank you.