[Press]Sam Dong Georgia Entity, The Ture Citizen Press released

Wednesday,March 6 2013, The True Citizen news paper in Georgia press released about Sam Dong as below.

Sam Dong plans for growth

One of Burke County’s newest industries is offering opportunities to local residents looking for work.

Sam Dong Co., a South Korean based manufacturer of specialized wire, is making plans to expand its production in Waynesboro.

The company purchased its facility on the northern end of Burke Veterans Parkway (bypass) last summer, calling it Sam Dong Georgia, and already has nearly 60 employees on the payroll. They need to add another electrician and about 10 more machine operators as they look forward to adding another production line later this year.

Sam Dong Georgia started production last fall and has seen success with customers in North and South America already, according to general manager Karl Schramboeck, Workers at the facility manufacture continuously transposed conductors, a copper winding material that is used to make power transformers. They have become known across the continent for the quality of the material they are turning out in Waynesboro, quickly becoming the requested manufacturer for one of the leading transformer producers in market.

Their focus is on turning out the highest quality wire and catering to choice customers who produce the best transformers.

Served well by its proximity to the Port of Savannah, Schramboeck said, the facility is already shipping to a number of customers in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil in addition to its customers in the U.S. and Canada.

“We’re slowly but steadily growing,”Schramboeck said, noting they’ve already shipped some 450 metric tons of the CTC.

The workers they’re looking for now will operate the machinery used in the production process. Though basic math and writing skills along with some knowledge of hand tools are required, the company offers training, Controller Frank Thompson said. Hourly wages start at $10.50,and the company pays the full cost for employees’ medical and dental benefits.

Though only about a dozen employees will be added this year, Schramboeck said plans are in place to double the plant’s capacity. By the time the plant reaches full production, which is expected in 2014 at the earliest, the plant employ up to 150 workers.

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